How To Defragment Your Hard Drive

Defragmenting is an integral step in maintaining your computer’s overall health and performance. A severely fragmented hard drive will have noticeably slower performance than one that is not. To defragment your computer, simply follow these steps.

Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter. You should then see a window similar to the following:

Click on your hard drive (usually labled as drive “C:”) and click the Defragment button. Note, if you have more than one hard drive or partition, each will need to be defragmented individually.

Depending on the size of your hard drive and how fragmented it is, this could take quite some time. When it is finished, you should get a window similar to the following:

Simply close the dialog box and the Disk Defragmenter, and you are finished.

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