How to Use the EPPS Lab Computers Remotely

NOTE: With the return to in-person classes for the Fall 2021 semester, remote access to the lab computers is not currently available.

Remote access to the EPPS lab computers is limited to students and faculty in the School of EPPS. If you are a student and believe you should have access, please ask your professor to submit an email request on your behalf to

The first step is to connect to UTD’s virtual private network. If you haven’t done that before, follow these instructions to install and use GlobalProtect:

Once you’re connected to VPN, find Remote Desktop Connection on your computer by searching the Windows/Start menu:

Note: if you are using an Apple device or Android/Chromebook, you can get the free RDC client from the appropriate store:

Open it and enter a computer name in the format Click Show Options and enter your username in the format CAMPUS\netid (use your UTD NetID):

Pick a computer name from the list in the following spreadsheet (there is a tab for each room):

If a computer is unavailable or in-use by someone else, just cancel the attempt and try another.

For getting your files to and from the remote computer, it is recommended that you use cloud storage options provided by UTD such as Drive or Microsoft OneDrive:

Sign Out

When you are finished, please sign out of the computer by going to the Start/Windows menu, click on the profile icon and choose Sign Out:

Time Limit

By default, there is a 6-hour time limit where you will be logged off after that time. If you expect that processing data will take longer than that, try dividing it into smaller tasks. Note that if demand increases to the point where people frequently aren’t able to find an available computer, the timeout limit may be lowered. Any change will be updated here.

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