How To Install And Use Identity Finder

Identity Finder must be installed and run on all UTD owned computers to prevent leaking sensitive or confidential information such as Social Security Numbers, UTD-ID’s, etc.

Please use the following instructions to install and run Indentity Finder on Windows XP (this should work on Windows Vista as well with minimal changes in these steps).


Go to Start -> My Computer:

Double-click on the P: drive (AllShare on ‘utdfp9’):

Go to the Installs folder:

Go to the Misc folder:

Go to the Identity Finder folder:

Double-click on the Identity Finder v2.0 icon to start the installation:

Click Next >:

The default installation path is fine, but you can change it if you want. Click Next > to continue:

Click Install to start the installation:

Click Finish to finish the installation:


Double-click on the new Identity Finder Enterprise Edition icon to run the program:

Click Start to begin scanning your computer for sensitive information:

A window with the progress of the scan will appear:

When the scan is complete, if there is no sensitive items found, you will see a window like this, just click OK to exit the program:

If potentially sensitive information is found, you will see a window like this, just click OK to review the items:

Review the found items, note that if you let your browser store passwords, those will show up. You can remove everything, but there may be false-positives, so it’s wise to review the results individually. Check the box next to the items you wish to remove, and then click Shred to permanently remove them:

You will be asked to confirm shredding each file. If you don’t want to click Yes for each one, first check the Always shred files box.

You will get a confirmation that a file has been shredded, if you don’t want to see this for each file, check the Don’t show this again box before clicking OK. The program should exit after the last file is shredded.

If you have any problems or questions regarding what should be shredded, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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