How To Send A Request For Remote Assistance

To send a request for remote assistance in Windows XP, please follow these steps:

Prerequisites: Windows XP, working network connection and web browser (IE or Firefox).

1) Go to Start -> Help and Support

2) Click “Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance”

3) Click “Invite someone to help you”

4) Click “Save invitation as a file (Advanced)”

5) Type your name into the box provided and set an expiration time, if you haven’t scheduled a time with support staff in advance, you may want to select a longer expiration time. Click “Continue >”.

6) You may uncheck “Require the recipient to use a password” and click “Save Invitation”. The invitation will only be opened by the person you send it to, and also you will need to accept the remote connection later on, so a password isn’t really necessary. If, however, you want to set a password, please communicate that to the support staff you are working with in advance.

7) Save the invitation as a file on your desktop.

8) Now, open up your web browser (IE or Firefox) and go to Galaxy ( and login with your NetID and password. Next click the E-mail link in the upper-right corner of the page. Next compose a new message and attach the invitation file that you saved to your desktop. Lastly, send the message to the appropriate computer support technician that is handling your case and wait for a pop-up on your desktop that will ask your permission to let us connect.

Windows 7

For Windows 7, the process is a little different. Please see the following for more information:

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