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Data Files Available for Download or Lab Use

This page documents and provides access to various data sets available at UT-Dallas. They are primarily intended for use by students taking GIS classes but are made available on the web as a courtesy. Certain files are copyrighted. Many files are large! For a general guide to data sources on the Internet go to:

For other sources of local data go to:

Data Download


File Access

Files listed here are available via  drive mappings [ GISData on 'Charlotte' ] in the Green Microcomputer labs in GR 3.206 and GR 3.602. Other users  on the UT-Dallas campus network may also access these files with appropriate drive mappings.  They are also accessible via the web at  However, they have not been optimized for web access. For example, multiple files may need to be downloaded for useable results and files in ESRI coverage format cannot be downloaded in a readable form. 

Do not download these files to lab machines. It fills the local disks. Instead, use drive mapping.

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