What are the computer lab policies?

The School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences Computer Labs are managed by the Economic, Political and Policy Sciences Academic Computing (EPPS-AC) office, which has the responsibility to ensure the lab’s secure and smooth operation.

No food, drink or tobacco products are allowed in the Labs. Open containers should be stored away or disposed of before entering the Labs.

For their protection, children are at no time allowed in the Labs.

Users are responsible for their own data and work files. The lab management has no responsibility to back up or restore users’ files.

Neither the school nor the university is responsible for personal items left in the Labs.

Users are not allowed to install software or games of their own except under the supervision of teaching faculty members for instructional purposes.

One user may occupy one machine at one time. Users found occupying multiple machines will be recorded by server software and be warned. EPPS-AC will keep records of users violating the rules and reserve the right to deny their usage of the lab computers.

Users should refrain from fixing, tampering or reinstalling the equipment including the printer, computers and projectors in the Labs. Hardware problems or suspected software bugs should be reported to the EPPS-AC.

No materials or equipment may leave the Labs under any circumstances. TAs, RAs, and faculty are not authorized to permit materials or equipment to leave the Labs.

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