2016 Fall Research Methods Short Course: Introduction to LaTeX by Professor Guy Whitten, PhD

Introduction to LaTeX

The University of Texas at Dallas
December 12, 2016

Professor Guy Whitten, Director of the European Studies Center, Texas A&M University, teaches Latex and Beamer for writing scientific documents and making presentations. The class was held on Monday, December 12th at 4 PM in Green 3.402.

Guy Whitten, Ph.D., University of Rochester, is a Professor in the Department of Political Science, Texas A&M. He is Director the European Studies Center at Texas A&M and Director of Graduate Studies Political Science. Guy is the author of numerous articles in major refereed journals and editor of Cambridge University Press’ research methodology series. He is co-author (with Paul Kellstedt) of Fundamentals of Political Science Research (Cambridge University Press). Guy Whitten regularly teaches research methods courses at A&M as well doing methods short courses at San Paulo, Singapore and other universities around the world. The class materials are available here: LaTeX.zip

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