How To Setup “Locked Print” On The EPPS Network Printers

The EPPS network copiers now use a feature called “Locked Print” that holds your print jobs at the copier until you go to the machine, login with your Comet Card or User ID and Password (this is not your UTD NetID and password), select the “ELP NX” icon on the copier screen, and then choose the job(s) you want to print.

These instructions assume you have the printer installed already. If you haven’t done so, first install the printer using these instructions. When you get to the step to insert a User Code, you can skip that and use the instructions below to enable “Locked Print”.

If you use MacOS, instructions are here. The instructions for all versions of Windows are very similar once you get to the “Devices and Printers” Control Panel:

Click on the Start menu (Windows icon/logo menu in lower left corner) and type “devices and printers” to search (no need to click on anything, just start typing and then click on the match it finds):

Once you are at Devices and Printers, set the Printing Preferences.

Printing Preferences (Windows)

Find and select the printer you want to use:

Right-click on the printer and choose Printing Preferences:

Your screen should look like one of the two images below:

Choose One Click Presets, change Job Type to Locked Print, and then click Details:

Or if your screen looks like this, choose Frequently Used Settings, change Job Type to Locked Print, and then click Details:

On the Details screen, select Create Own ID, enter your User ID and Password:

Then click OK, and then Apply and OK again to exit the Printing Preferences.


On MacOS, you have to change the Locked Print setting when you print – you can’t specify it in the System Preferences. To do that can vary by application, but it will commonly look like the below screenshots. In MS Word, for example, go to the File menu and choose Print… and you will see the print dialog box. Find the drop-down menu, in this case it says Copies & Pages:

Select Job Log:

Then in the Job Type drop-down, select Locked Print and type your User ID and Password in, and then press Print:

Note that you have to do this every time your print, unless you save it as a preset under the Presets drop-down menu.

Also, some applications present a compact/minimal print dialog box where the drop-down menu to get to the Job Log settings is not immediately visible. For instance, Firefox seems to use this compact view, if you see this when you try to print, click Show Details:

If you don’t see Job Log, but see Printer Features instead, choose that:

Then choose Job Log from the Feature Sets:

Then enter your User ID, select Locked Print, and enter your Password as before:

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