How To View EPPS Room Schedules

You may view the room schedules for a number of EPPS rooms in Green Hall. The calendars are in Exchange and instructions for adding them in Outlook and Outlook Webmail are below.

Add Calendars to Outlook

In the bottom left corner of Outlook, click on the Calendar module:

In the Home tab, click on Open Calendar, and choose From Room List…

In the Search box, type GR and you should see a list of rooms. Double-click on each one that you want to add to Outlook, and then click OK when you’re done.

You should now see the list of calendars in your sidebar. You can check or uncheck calendars that you want to view.

Outlook Webmail (OWA)

Log in to Outlook Webmail at Then click on the menu/grid icon at the top left and choose Calendar:

Next right-click in the sidebar where it says Your calendars, then choose New calendar group:

Give the calendar group a name, such as Rooms:

Next right-click on the new calendar group, and choose Open calendar:

In the From directory box, type the room number without spaces or periods, so for example to add the calendar for “GR – Tyler Lab [3.602]”, type “GR3602” and click Search Directory:

When the correct room is listed, click Open to add it to your calendar:

The calendar should now be listed under your Rooms calendar group. If you want to add other calendars, right-click on your Rooms calendar group and add each one the same way. If you add the calendars in Outlook first, they should be visible in Webmail, so it’s faster to add them there instead of one at a time in Webmail. However, if you do want to add them all in Webmail, you will need the full list of room numbers to use in the search box, which is below:

  • GR2108
  • GR2326
  • GR3206
  • GR3402A
  • GR3402B
  • GR3416
  • GR3514
  • GR3602
  • GR3606
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